All Roads Lead to the North Pole (III of IV)

After getting some much needed rest and recovering from the wonderful experience in North Carolina, we head directly to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.

Once there we were immediately greeted by old traditions, 18th century taverns, and more holiday magic!  I could see my children’s eyes glisten as we were transported into another era.

Folks walked around in full 18th century regalia.  Ladies had their colonial gowns and wigs as well as the gentlemen in their coats, breeches (pants), and wigs.  It was refreshing to see them walk around the town maintaining full character down to the way they spoke!

As we entered different shops, we were welcomed by those that were at the ready to tell stories of old as in the days of George and Martha Washington.  The kids learned how to basket weave and even learned about the wigs that were worn during that era.

Some of the highlights included dining with Thomas Jefferson, hearing the story of A Christmas Carol told by a descendent of Charles Dickens, and sharing holiday tea with Christiana Campbell, proprietress of an 18th century tavern.  The caroling in the streets and the decorations on the old colonial homes kept our heads turning in awe the entire time.

There was much to see and experience. We stayed until the evening and witnessed folks dancing the jig by music played with antique instruments.  We strolled through firelit gardens and saw a puppet show.  We walked into the Peyton Randolph house an original structure built in 1715 and restored in 1938.  Our family took a tour of the home where the kids learned about slavery by observing reenactments of stories by actors.

We ended our evening in great celebration in true 18th century style with fire and drums!  Fireworks finished it off.

It was difficult to leave this place so we didn’t.  We decided to stay an extra day and had breakfast with Santa the next morning.  After breakfast we took one last stroll through the town and even took a carriage ride.  By noon we were ready to leave to embark on our next destination, Washington, D.C.

The most memorable piece of this journey was the feeling of being in another era.  It was as if we had arrived in a time capsule and this place existed outside the realm of our world.  That is how realistic it seemed.  More importantly, exposing my children to other traditions and cultures only empowered me to continue to search for more in a world as big as ours.

Crossing new horizons and exploring unknown places is both rewarding and inspirational proving that there is so much to see and do.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and when I am traveling I see nothing but beauty and adventure.  The next leg of our journey fast approaches as we close upon our final destination.  And away we go!

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